Fossil Branco 2014, Vale da Capucha, Lisboa, Portgual

Vale da Capucha is a small organic vineyard near Lisbon and just a few kilometres from the Atlantic. Winemaker is young Pedro Marques, who is wholly committed to organic and natural winemaking, irrespective of the challenges in this warm, humid, maritime climate. In his first vintage of organic farming he lost roughly one-third of his crop, but as a Benfica supporter he maintains he knows what it is like to suffer misfortune and bounce back! Fossil is so-called because his vineyard's rich limestone soils contain maritime fossils, and it is the soil that really sings through in this aromatic, textural, lengthy white wine. Unoaked, dry, mineral, salty blend of Portuguese varieties Arinto, Gouveio (known as Godello in Galicia) and FernÌ_å£o Pires.