Pinot Blanc 2013, Marc Tempe, Zellenberg, Alsace, France

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Marc's primary focus is to make wines of superior quality that truly express their place of origin, and he pursues that goal, sometimes to the contrary of what some might call ‘good business sense’. He farms Biodynamically to obtain purity of expression from his fruit and he prunes severely to achieve great concentration. In the cellar he uses indigenous yeasts and never chaptalizes or acidifies the must, again to ensure the honest expression of his terroir. He lets the wines rest on their lees for a minimum of 24 months so as to imbue them with great texture and flavour using only old barrels that won’t impart any oak character to the finished wines. The Pinot Blanc is rich and complex with an exceptionally creamy texture that simply melts in the mouth. There are charming floral notes with excellent citrus, pear and apple flavours that are balanced by crisp acidity and fresh minerality.