006 Merlot 2014, Aniello, Patagonia, Argentina

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As with so many of the wines that we love at Ten Green Bottles this wonderful Merlot manages to combine the opulence and richness which is so representative of much Argentinian wine with a freshness and vitality more often found in the vineyards of the old world. Both the climate and the mind-set of the wine maker play a vital role in achieving this balance, and what results is nothing short of delicious. Awash with intense, thick flavours of sweet, ripe, black plums and berries and accompanied by tantalising floral hints of violet this Merlot is a class act in every respect. It is velvety and indulgent but by no means over blown, and as such the subtle distinctions of terroir are available to savour in all their glory. This is truly a clear sign that yes; there is life after Malbec in Argentina.