Quinta de Saes Reserva 2012 Estagio Prolongado, Alvaro Castro, Dao, Portugal

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Alvaro de Castro, Arguably one of Portugal’s finest wine makers, believes in combining traditional and modern techniques to create wines of balance and integrity. The Dao region itself tends towards fresher more aromatic wines than the neighbouring Douro region and this is very much reflected in Alvaro’s wines. He aims at finesse and elegance rather than power and extraction creating wines that express where they come from to the full. The Saes Reserva is a striking wine full of aromatic complexity that expresses powerful floral notes of violets and rose with juicy dark fruit flavours, a lively citrus tang and hints of spice. It has super fine tannins with a smooth, satin like texture and a long, evolving finish that lingers long after the wine has gone.