6N Karasakiz/Merlot 2013, Pasaeli, Izmir, Turkey

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The stunning wines of Pasaeli prove that Turkish wine is no longer just a curiosity to gawp at on the shelves but rather a serious contender that can more than hold its own alongside other better known wine regions. Seyit Karagozoglu founded his small, family owned winery in 2000 and immediately set about protecting the local grape varieties found in the region that he so loves. It turns out that the two vineyard sites he selected were perfect for those indigenous varieties already mentioned and the well-known Bordeaux varietals we are all familiar with. And so 6N was born – a blend between 90% Karasakiz and 10% Merlot it is light to medium bodied with distinctive flavours of tangy red cherry, cranberry and dried figs with captivating hints of earthy spice and a long, enduring finish.