Welcome to our online shop. Because of the way we work here at Ten Green Bottles - a constantly changing selection, from small producers with often very limited availability - we've decided not to try and put everything you'll find in our shop here online. 

Instead, along with gift vouchers and our ready-made mixed cases, we've added some wines that we think best represent what we do here: wines with real character, with something unique about them that always seems to hit the mark.

We're lucky in that we are hosting private wine tastings almost every day, with wines that are changing all the time, and constantly gaining real insights into what wines really work with our customers. So - here are some of the bottles that we really enjoy, and enjoy sharing with customers in our bar in Brighton.

Having said that, if there's something you're looking for that's not here, and particularly if you know that we stock it, contact us here and we'll be happy to add anything we have, or can get in for you, to your order. 

More details:

We're an independent wine importer and retailer, specialising in smaller producers in the belief that this allows space for attention to detail, knowledge, intuition, and experience to show through in the glass.

Where do you find your wine? We import many of our wines ourselves, finding our producers by visiting the regions or through recommendations by winemakers we work with already. This results in a list which is, yes, a little eclectic and relying a little on our current personal preferences, but based ultimately on quality - on what we would want to drink, essentially!

How do you choose your wine? There are wines that slip down unnoticed and wines that have something to say, if we take the time to listen. We look for something of the latter in each wine we put on our shelves, regardless of the price point.

Why are most of your wines European? Because we import a lot of our wines ourselves and don't yet have the budget to venture further afield! We also think that, oddly, wines made on our doorstep (here in Brighton Bordeaux is probably more 'local' than Scotch!) seem a little harder to get hold of these days ('food miles' doesn't seem to have translated into 'wine miles') and we are proud to promote the variety and value still very much alive in European wines.

This website offers a limited selection of what we have on our shelves in the shop, and the wines we put on the site are constantly changing. Please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for on the site.