We are Crowdfunding!

We're asking for help in a few improvements to make TGB an even more exciting and comfortable place to enjoy your favourite tipple!

We'd like to thank all you lovely people for supporting us in the six years since we opened Ten Green Bottles. Back then, we were one of the very first so-called 'hybrid' wine bar/shops in the UK (since then, they've got very trendy...) and, to be honest, we thought we'd be mostly a wine shop, selling a few glasses of wine and plates of cheese to people on their way home from work. We're delighted that you have all proved us wrong and want to spend much more time with us, and in fact our 'bar' offering has long been the most popular part of the business.

It has, though, been a challenge turning what was originally a space designed for a shop into a busier and busier bar. And we'd like to be able to offer you all the comforts you'd expect from your favourite space to drink. So, we're asking for your help to fund 'Phase 2' of Ten Green Bottles! 

Ten Green Bottles Brighton
This will include:
• An improved food offering: if we raise £2,500
Our back bar wasn't designed for the volume of food that now regularly comes out of it, so we're looking at a few improvements that will speed things up, allow for an increased food offering, and also enable us to retail products.
• A new frontage, which we can open up to the street: if we raise £10,000
Improving airflow throughout the year, making the bar a lot more comfortable, and no more steamy windows! Not to mention the chance to enjoy a glass of wine and bask in the afternoon sunshine - as well as making TGB even better for people-watching! 
• Another toilet! if we raise £15000
Ladies of Brighton, you'll no longer have to share with the men...
We’d love your help to make all this happen!
Don't hold back!
If your generosity extends beyond that, apart from our being extremely grateful, the funds will go towards the possibility of our opening up a second Ten Green Bottles site. We'd love to branch out and spread our own particular wine love to another part of the country, and would very much appreciate your help in our first step on that journey. We've designed our rewards to be things that genuinely give back to you, our supporters, so even if we have managed to reach our limit please don't hold back, as any extra funding will really help in getting the next chapter in the exciting Ten Green Bottles story off the ground!



Why aren’t we using Kickstarter or similar?
Sites like Kickstarter are great for startups, but we’re confident we can already reach the people who will benefit from the improvements - you guys - through our mailing list, social media and word of mouth. So we can put all the funds raised into the work, rather than paying a percentage to a third-party platform. The rewards can be purchased using our ecommerce site, in the same way you would buy a gift voucher from us.
A quick note...
Please note that due to the nature of our business many of our rewards are restricted to persons over 18 years old.

All rewards come with a hand-written thank-you note, and those of £100 or above include membership to our exclusive wine club - more details here. Reward vouchers will be issued over the coming weeks, and will be available for use immediately, subject to booking availability. When you have purchased your reward, we'll be in touch with further details on how to claim it.